exastris1701 has moved!

exastris1701 has moved and gotten a new look! new URL: http://www.ea1701.wordpress.com

Visit ea1701 and see what’s new.

Below are screenshots from the new and improved site:

ea1701 new look! (1)

ea1701 new look! (5)

ea1701 new look! (2)

For those of you visiting the site for Amigurumi don’t worry: All the free patterns are still available. Just click here!

ea1701 new look! (3)

Photography, patterns, stories, tutorials, digital art, and illustrations are all still showcased on ea1701. New amigurumi patterns, short stories, design concepts and digital paintings are being added. Check it out!

ea1701 new look! (4)

ea1701 new look! (6)


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